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Face Down Ass UpMidori's pictures can be found on the cover (front and back) of the CD and there are several photos within the booklet. The photo session seems to have been a lot of fun.


Clay/Midori  Clay/Midori
Face Down Ass Up
Andrew Dice Clay
(SFO Entertainment 2000)
The album contains a comedy show by Andrew Dice Clay recorded at The Roxy, West Hollywood.

Bad Meets EvilMidori and Crystal Knight are the cover girls (front only) on this special CD Maxi-Single by "Bad Meets Evil" = Eminem (aka Slim Shady) and Royce The 5-9.
Nuttin' To Do
Bad Meets Evil (Royce/Eminem)
(Game Recordings 1999)
CD Maxi-Single contains
Street Versions/Radio Versions/Instrumental Versions of:
1. Nuttin' To Do[4:12]
2. Scary Movies[3:46]
3. I'm The King[3:22]

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