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Who's Hustlin' Who (OHM OCD 0062)Midori is featured on Warrior's single "Who's Hustlin' Who" which is the first single released from his debut album "The Perfect Weapon" (see entry below). The song is a remake of Midori's song "Who's Willin' Who? which had been released on her mp3.com album "AKA" in 2000.

Here is what OHM Music had to say about the single:

This single from Warrior's "The Perfect Weapon" album is Blazin! Midori tells it like it is on this slick hip-hop track which features the musical genius Anthony Jackson on bass. Produced by Allen Towbin & Scott Jacoby, Lorelei McBroom. Additional mixes by super producer Focus from The A.T.L.


Who's Hustlin' Who
Warrior feat. Midori
(OHM Music 2003)
1. Who's Hustlin' Who (Big Radio)[3:52]
2. Who's Hustlin' Who (Stay Focused Radio)[3:53]
3. Who's Hustlin' Who (Big Instrumental)[3:52]
4. Who's Hustlin' Who (Action Jackson Album Mix)[3:51]
5. King Of The Streets (Radio)[3:27]
6. New World Order (Radio)[4:33]

The Perfect Weapon (OHM OCD 0052)Warrior's debut album from 2002. Here is what OHM Music has to say about it:

He has blazed a trail from his birthplace of Newark New Jersey, across New York's tri-state, flipped coasts to LA and ended up in the Mid-West. With a pen in one hand and his manhood in the other, Warrior is ready to hit the airwaves. On his debut CD " The Perfect Weapon " his brand of East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West sub-urban Hip Hop is sure to make him a mega rap star. His vocals are powerful and distinct. His lyrics hit hard, dealing with the street hustle of survival. Warrior's debut album will be the most anticipated, exhilarating, diverse Hip Hop album to be released. His style is unique, lyrics so real you can feel them, vocals dynamic, and the combination takes the world on.

The Perfect Weapon
(OHM Music 2002)
1. Intro (The Snake Gonna Pay)
2. Gangster Chronicles (Watch Me Survive)
3. Warrior (King of the Streets)
4. Me and My Dogs
5. Huzlers Inc. (Baller's)
6. Who's Hustlin' Who (feat. Midori)
7. I'm a Gangsta
8. Rollin' in the Streets
9. Vest
10. Can't No Player (Cut You)
11. Let's Ride
12. Club Hoppin (Bounce)
13. Viva Latina
14. Caribbean Salute
15. You're the Only 1 for Me
16. Mid West Style
17. New World Order
18. Who's Hustlin' Who (Strip Raw Mix)
The Perfect Weapon

          My Projects (Tommy Boy TBCD 2225)

Coo Coo Cal
My Projects

(Tommy Boy Music 2001)

Midori is featured in Coo Coo Cal's video "My Projects".

The video is also available on the enhenced US 4track CD (TBCD 2225) which was released by Tommy Boy Records. You can also click on the links above/below to play the video and enjoy Midori making her way through the first half of the video - in Santana's words "Oye Como Va" (Look How She Walks)!

The track "My Projects" was the first single taken from the 2001 album "Disturbed" and Milwaukee-based rapper Coo Coo Cal enjoyed his first hit with it, as the single reached the Number One position on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart.

The remix version of the song features Trick Daddy and Kurupt. The video can also be found on Artist direct.

 Deep Sampler featuring Midori's "F.M.A" produced by Kid Rock.

DMAFT Records
Summer 2000 Label Sampler

Various Artists
(DMAFT Records 2000)
5. F.M.A.

Deep PornDeep Porn is another attempt of bringing together leading producers of Hip-Hop and Electronic Music with the stars of adult movies. Midori performs the track "F.M.A" with Kid Rock and "ZAP" with Wide (featuring Liquid Todd and Dr. Luke).

It has to be said that these are two outstanding tracks on the album. The rest of the album is pretty poor - except the track "Nasty" by Brother Marquis (of 2 Live Crew) feat. Rebecca Loyd which also shines. Nevertheless Midori's music and her appearance on the cover (back/front) and one picture inside the booklet (pictured below) make the album a must.

Deep Porn
Various Artists
(HardCorps Entertainment 2000)
1. Home Movie?[1:09]
2. Flick[5:40]
3. Come With Me[4:30]
4. Cookie[0:25]
5. Titty Bar[3:33]
6. Nasty[3:25]
7. Pornstar Style[5:57]
8. Sly-bersex[1:41]
9. F.M.A.
   (Kid Rock feat. Midori)
10. 69[4:33]
11. Animal[3:21]
12. Hard Organ Mix[4:15]
13. Phone Sex Mix[4:02]
14. C'est Bone[0:29]
15. Gimme Some[3:57]
16. Braz-N-Drawz[3:38]
17. Zap
    (Wide feat. Midori)
18. Remote[0:16]
11. Spanka Vision[4:41]

Porn To Rock"Porn To Rock" is probably the best collection of songs by adult film stars. Unlike the "Deep Porn" collection where you sometimes wish that certain porn stars never walked into a recording studio, all those singing on "Porn To Rock" can sing. Most of the songs are fun to listen to and Midori's "5, 10, 15, 20" is no exception.

More information can be found on the archived website www.porntorock.com

It might be interesting to notice that the album was released with a different cover in Germany (not pictured).

Porn To Rock
Various Artists
(Callner Music 1999)
1. Man On The Moon[3:33]
2. Happy[3:18]
3. 5,10,15,20 - Midori[2:44]
4. Little Red Riding Hood[4:29]
5. Fantasy World[3:58]
6. The Meat Song[3:15]
7. Calypso Shower[2:10]
8. Asshole Man[2:56]
9. Strike Back[4:56]
10. Srew My Head[2:08]
11. Harder[4:45]
12. Who's Normal[3:53]
13. Drink Beer and Fuck[2:46]
Porn To Rock


Midori's "5, 10, 15, 20" is a guaranteed dance-floor throbber.
- Salt Lake CityWeekly

I enjoyed the swirling playfulness in Madison's "Man on the Moon," the sheer exuberance of Johnny Toxic's "Happy," the synth-heavy hip hop of Midori's "5, 10, 15, 20," and the way Sabateur (featuring Chloe Nichole) layers samples of "oohs" and "ahhs" in and out (pardon the pun) of rhythms.

Some of the songs are actually good. The albums high points include Candye Kane's lively, innuendo filled The Meat Song and the sassy grooving samples and lap-dancer lyrics of Midori's 5, 10, 15, 20.
- L.A. Weekly

Johnny Toxic, Midori, Ginger Lynn, Hyapatia Lee and Candye Kane all turn in surprisingly proficient, hilariously conceived pop nuggets. Maybe these people should consider career changes.
- Aquarian Weekly

Porn to Rock is a lot more than just a novelty comp. Midori's "5, 10, 15, 20" really ought to become a strip club anthem. She is honest, funny, sexy and wraps it all up in a great dance beat. What more can you ask for?
- Focus Magazine

Player's Call (TBCD 1179)Oran Juice Jones' 1997 album "Player's Call" for Tommy Boy Music features no other than Midori/Michele Watley. Together they perform Oran's version of Al Green's 1972 hit "Let's Stay Together".

Michele's name is not mentioned within the credits/booklet but if you know her voice you will recognize her immediatley. The duet is one of the album's highlights and was also featured on the Single-CD "Player's Call" (pictured below) which preceded the album's release.

Player's Call
Oran Juice Jones
(Tommy Boy Music 1997)
1. So Forth On[3:57]
2. Underworld[3:45]
3. Purse Comes First[4:03]
4. Cold Blooded[4:15]
5. Player's Call[6:21]
6. Poppin' That Fly...[3:31]
7. Love Jones For You[3:54]
8. Gigolos Get Lonely Too[6:10]
9. Make Love To Your Mind[6:08]
10. Remember The Love[4:41]
11. Sweet Juicy Thang[4:36]
12. Let's Stay Together (feat. Midori)[5:58]
13. From The Heart[1:34]
Player's Call (TBCD 7751)

          Jody Watley - The Ultimate Collection

Jody Watley
The Ultimate Collection

(Avid Music 2004)

Did Michele ever join her sister Jody in a video? Yes, she did.

Michele has guest appearances in two of Jody's videos: "Your Love Keeps Working On Me" where she plays a member of Jody's band and "When A Man Love's A Woman" where Michele depicts responsibility as the young mother.

Both songs were recorded for Jody Watley's 1993 album "Intimacy". The album contains several outstanding Jody Watley tunes but the label MCA didn't do a good job promoting the album and Jody left the label.

Both videos are included on Jody Watley's limited edition DVD "The Ultimate Collection".

Your Love Keeps Working On Me

Directed by Matthew Amos




Michele & Jody





When A Man Loves A Woman

Directed by Jody Watley


Erin & Michele

Erin & Michele

Jody & Michele

Erin & Michele

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