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Many people remember Midori as the most famous and most beautiful African American porn actress between 1996 and 2008. Truly, Midori has done a lot for the role of African American women in porn. Who else can claim to have won soooo many awards and have her own adult superstar action figure within an environment that Midori once called 'blonde dominated field'. Midori can truly pride herself with getting to where she got. Especially as she never really did what the industry told her to do. She did it her own way, she even attacked racism in the adult industry when it was necessary to do so. On the links page you can find some links to interviews with Midori and read more about her way up to the top of the adult industry. Main subject of this page is different though.

Few know that the sister of singer Jody Watley is a Hip Hop and dance music artist herself and has already recorded and released CDs on her own. Turns out that multi-talented Midori can really sing - she has been a background singer for several years - and has some irresitible songs to offer. These are placed between dance music, hip-hop and rap.

So, MidoriMusic.net is dedicated to Midori's music and you can read more about:

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    MidoriJust in case you wonder why Midori has never released her music on a major label, keep in mind that the American music industry always had and has its difficulties in signing multi-talented artists like Midori. Plus, in a country where Janet Jackson's "Nipplegate" once caused major uproar (as Miley Cyrus videos do today) any such deal might be still far way.

    For quite some time Midori released and distributed her music herself and will hopefully do so again in the future. MidoriMusic.net wants to remind of Midori's outstanding musical talents and help to promote her music. In the words of another famous African American woman who also did it her way:

    "Those that don't got it, can't show it. Those that got it, can't hide it."
    (Zora Neale Hurston)


    Enjoy and Catch Midori's Beat!!!


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