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Midori's music on CD

Miss JudgedThis is an updated version of the "Miss Judged" CD which hasn't been released yet. The CD should be available through Midori's website soon.

From Midori's website:

Miss Judged
Before the birth of her famed XXX nemesis, Michele was music bound as a back-up singer/dancer and pursuing a solo career. The tracks listed are a eclectic array of her past and present recordings. Midori is known for her energetic and personality driven performances making sure you enjoy yourself and whatever she has to offer!


Miss Judged (cover idea)
Miss Judged
Midori/Michele Watley
(Midori Entertainment 2003)
1. Who's Hustlin' Who (Warrior feat. Midori)[3:54]
2. Hot To Def (feat. AMG)[3:54]
3. Gimme Some (feat. Jiboh)[5:08]
4. Who's Willin' Who (feat. Warrior)[3:58]
5. Sucorfuc (w/verse)[3:52]
6. Onenightstand[4:13]
7. Givemyluv 2u[3:29]
8. F.M.A. (Kid Rock feat. Midori)[3:30]
9. Zap (Wide feat. Midori)[4:33]
10. Shake a Lil' Something[3:16]
11. I Like It[--]
12. Show Me The Money[3:32]

Miss Judged"Miss Judged" was Midori's second release on mp3.com. Compared to the version above, this earlier version has only 7 tracks. Nevertheless it is a good one to have. Unlike "AKA" which featured mostly Hip Hop and Rap songs, "Miss Judged" includes dance music tracks. So Midori cannot be accused of just trying to ride the Hip Hop artist wave, her repertoire includes electronic and dance music as well.

One of the highlights is 'Catch The Beat' an upbeat dance song with a really irresistible beat that keeps you movin' all day long. Then there are 'Zap' (performed with Wide) and 'F.M.A.' (performed with Kid Rock) from the "Deep Porn" compilation. When Midori sings "slap my ass" on the latter song it is entertaining and sexy :) Music is supposed to be fun and this CD shows how much fun Midori has making music.

The CD includes the songs in the normal CD format and MP3 format. The cover artwork (pictured left) mp3.com provided is poor again. Compared to the first release there is a cover picture of Midori but the pixel are so big that one wonders what kind of printer they used. Except the song titles there is no further information included.

Miss Judged (cover idea)
Miss Judged
Midori/Michele Watley
(MidoriMusic/mp3.com 2001)
1.Sucorfuc (remix)[3:48]
2. Zap[4:30]
3. F.M.A.[3:28]
4. Onenightstand[4:10]
5. Catch The Beat[3:54]
6. Give My Love To You[3:31]
7. Sucorfuc[3:34]

AKA"AKA" --> Midori (AKA) Michele Watley was Midori's first release on mp3.com. The album itself has only five songs to offer but all of them are very well produced and show Midori's Hip Hop and Rap qualities. The album includes the track 'Who's Willin' Who' featuring Warrior who would re-realease this song as a single in 2003 (see 'Featuring Midori').

As a matter of fact the CD itself does only have a simple cover with only the song titles and no additional information. All songs are in the standard CD format and MP3 format, thus they can be played on any computer, MP3 player or stereo system.

Midori/Michele Watley
(MidoriMusic/mp3.com 2000)
1. Gimme Some[5:07]
2. Hott To Def[3:53]
3. Who's Willin' Who[3:56]
4. Shake A Lil Something[3:16]
5. Give My Love To You[3:31]

Midori's music on Video

Big Sister
'Big Sister' feat. "Catch The Beat"
Midori's complete 2001 music video for "Catch The Beat" can be found in the bonus section of Midori's Polish "Big Sister" DVD. In addition, "Catch The Beat", "Suckorfuc" and "Onenightstand" were used in the XXX movie itself where Midori has to disguise as a man because ... but that's another story.

The video was also released on an Eroticon CD-Rom. Both - the DVD and the CD-Rom - were produced/released in Poland only, Midori's first European music video if you want to say so.

A preview can be found here.

VIDEO: 5, 10, 15, 20 (1996)
'Showtime' feat. "5, 10, 15, 20"
Midori's 1996 "Showtime" video release for Video Team does not only feature sex scenes but also includes one scene where Midori performs her song "5, 10, 15, 20" (this song is also used for another scene later in the movie).

"Showtime" is probably one of Midori's best videos because SHE wrote and directed it and SHE also managed to include her music - truly a vision of Midori Entertainment and not only an ordinary sex flick. Plus, the cover of this video is gorgeous too - exactly how Midori should be presented.

"5, 10, 15, 20" was released on the "Porn To Rock" sampler in 1999 - more info here

"Showtime" can be found here.


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