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Midori Superstar Figure 

When Plastic Fantasy had the idea to create Series 1 of Adult Superstar Figures, Midori was first choice. The Series was released November 2002 and Midori the only women of color.

Midori's figure, placed on a bar stool in a very sexy pose, comes along with a microphone which underlines that Midori is a singer as well.

At Plastic Fantasy Midori's figure was sold out very fast - due to the high demand - but at places like Ebay it should still be possible to find this highly collectible and breath-taking Midori Superstar Figure.


The original Plastic Fantasy website disappeared in the middle of 2005 (reason unknown). In their 'Behind the Scenes' area Plastic Fantasy had a few pictures where fans could see how their favorite adult stars were undergoing the new xXx Scan process! The xXx Scan is a computer system that uses state-of-the-art technology to capture every detail of the adult film stars. From facial features to ... - amazing results indeed!

Here is what additional Midori pictures/info they had on their website:


I LOVE this pose...but we didn't use it for the doll because we came up with something very cool and original on the spot. We really like Midori's final pose. After what we went through with spraying Nikita's hair white we decided to just put Midori's hair under a cap. How about that sexy face...Midori's an extremely funny person and we had a great time working with her on this.Midori poses for the scanner. Check out the arch on the back of her ass. Midori's body is mind-blowing in person.


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