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  • November, 2015:

    Midori has just released her photo memoir 'Bare Naked Soul (Volume 1)' which is exclusively available for all fans and supporters of "Midori". Please click on the picture below to get to the download.



    The allmidori.com website is no longer active but you can ...


  • January, 2013:

    Midori has a new website as someone seems to have jacked LoveMidori.com. Check out Midori's new website:


    Enjoy Midori's Music:

    Also enjoy some video footage of Midori when the studios still had money to produce some fun stuff, respected their stars and made them shine:


  • April, 2012:

    Stay tuned for Midori's new website:


    In the meantime try to spot Midori in these videos:


  • May, 2009:

    Midori's music is now available at ReverbNation.com ... please follow the link and support Midori's music.



  • August 2008:

    Legends of Erotica 2008 feat. Midori

    Legends of Erotica

    Sorry that it hasn't been mentioned earlier on this website ... Midori has been inducted into

    on January 8, 2008. The induction is a very special honour as this Hall Of Fame is most respected and discriminating in choosing and limiting its number of inductees each year since its inception in 1994.

    AVN wrote the following:

    "Midori was inducted by director Fred Salaff, who brought her into the industry in the early 1990s. "Usually I'm performing or singing or dancing," she said, "but I guess I'll just take my clothes off and jump in the cement." She placed her butt cheeks in the square of wet cement."

    Congratulations to Midori!!!


  • July 2008:

    Oops, another year has passed and I am sorry to say that musically it was another Midoriless year :(

    There have been a few updates on her main MySpace page though ... just check out her latest photos ... Midori beautiful as ever.

    In addition a couple of Erotic DVDs ... featuring several outstanding scenes with Midori ...have been released as well ... including:

  • "Momma Knows Best 3" (Red Light District 2007)
  • "Black MILFs" (Dark Ice 2007)
  • "Horny Black Mothers & Daughters 3" (Evasive Angles 2007)
  • "Sugar Mommies 6" (Doghouse 2007)
  • "SILFs" (Mayhem 2008)
  • "I Fucked My Wife's Best Friend" (Evasive Angles 2008) -- cameo appearance only
  • "Seasoned Players 5" (Tom Byron Pictures 2008)

    Please stay tuned as I am convinced that Midori's best days are still ahead.

    Last, but not least:



  • July 2007:

    Check out the event of the month:


    Sorry, links no longer work.

  • January 05, 2007:

    Happy New Year Midori Fans ... here are a few link updates:

    Midori - Official Myspace website!

    Michele Watley aka Midori - Official Music Myspace website!

  • July 11, 2006:

    For a few days it looked like MidoriMusic.net is the only Midori website on the net as the official Midori website AllMidori.com no longer exists ... but this assumption is wrong. Here are the latest additions:

  • Links added www.myspace.com/michelewatley.

  • Interview added to the press part of the website.

  • Kid Rock and Midori video footage added - "Cowboy", Detroit 1999

  • May 2006:

    The former 'Porn to Rock' website no longer exists, nevertheless you can still find saved versions @ Archive.org - I changed the link on the links page.

    If you google for Michele Watley at present, her Wikepedia entries (Englisch/German) show up on top of the list :)

    Funnily enough there has been a long and heated dispute @ Wikipedia if Michele is Jody's sister or not ... I fully understand that it might be difficult to admit this fact for various reasons but reading what is discussed I wonder what kind of proof is really needed ... maybe birth certificates from both :)

    No news on Midori's music so far - she appeared in a few new movies at the beginning of 2006 though.

    Last but not least, her sister Jody has a new album coming out soon - check out her website for further info.

    Midori/Michele Watley


  • December 2005:

    Did you ever wonder if Midori appeared in one of her sister's videos?

    Info can be found here: Featuring Midori (see bottom of the page).


  • October 2005:

    Please become a member @ Midori's official website and get all the latest news.

    Also, Midori has two entries @ Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia:




  • September 19, 2005:

    Info regarding Midori's music video(s) has been added - see midori's music.

    Plus, an interview from 1997 has been added to the site - see press.


  • September 7, 2005:

    Midori's website is under construction - check back often!!!


  • August 8, 2005:

    Check out the latest changes @ Allmidori.com - (music, webcam chat, member area etc.)!!!


  • July 19, 2005:

    Today is Midori day! Happy Birthday!!! Best of wishes for the coming year!


  • July 11, 2005:


    A website part that features interviews with Midori - see press.


    Because the original Plastic Fantasy website (Adult Superstar Figures) is no longer available - all additional info they had on Midori's figure can now be found on this website - see picture this.

    Minor chages to the midori's albums, the featuring midori (Porn To Rock reviews added) and the links part of this website.


  • July 4, 2005:

    Midori's official website is back - AllMidori.com - all yours-all the time!



  • June 4, 2005:

    Wanna see Midori? Well if you are in LA next weekend try to visit the Erotica LA exposition (June 10-12 @ LA Convention Center) - a good chance to meet the one and only Midori.


  • May 18, 2005:

    Did you know that Midori is featured in Coo Coo Cal's video "My Projects"?

    --> Read more/see more.

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